5 reasons to have an asphalt parking lot

Not everyone uses asphalt in their parking lot design and that is a bit of a headscratcher. If you don’t have an asphalt parking lot and are looking to improve your home or business’s property, consider upping your game with asphalt paving. Rather than being pigeon-holed by the initial cost, look to the future and the myriad of benefits, including saving money, that paving gives your property. While this isn’t to compare and contrast the different materials you can use for a parking lot design or driveway, it does lay out why asphalt paving is the best choice. Here are five reasons why having an asphalt parking lot gives your home or business an edge


You don’t need a large parking lot design or a long driveway to consider having asphalt paving done. It can be used for big or small projects and can withstand all sorts of traffic. There is a reason why you’ll see it from tiny driveways to interstate highways. Pavement is used to help with flood control, erosion and can hold up under heavy-load trucks to high-speed trains. Not every material used for parking lot paving can claim that.


Having your driveway or parking lot finished with asphalt paving increases safety for all who use it. For example, asphalt is porous and helps with tire traction as well as people walking on it. This is very important come winter as we all know how dangerous ice can be when driving. So, if you’re in an area that has a lot of rain or harsh winters, seriously consider asphalt paving in your parking lot design.


The noise from traffic can be scathing and be an awful customer or homeowner experience. Gravel and dirt roads are terribly noisy and quite the burden on the ears. Having your parking lot design or driveway use asphalt paving reduces that noise by 50%! You can go back to enjoying the noises you choose to hear or just the quiet hum of the neighborhood rather than the traffic. 


Asphalt is eco-friendly and is one of the most recycled products in America. It can be reused, renewed, and that keeps parking lot costs incredibly minimal. You may think a dirt lot or road is the most eco-friendly, but that doesn’t help with runoff and does a lot of erosion damage. Asphalt reduces both of those things and though counter-intuitive, does a lot to help the environment. 

Asphalt parking lots last

Asphalt parking lot rejuvenation sealcoat

Asphalt paving is a rather quick process and requires little maintenance for something that lasts for an incredibly long time. Of course, the life of your parking lot depends on how you care for it much like anything else. Using RejuvaShield to turn the clock back on your parking lot and keeping cracks and potholes under control all add to the life span of your asphalt. Even without proper care, an asphalt parking lot can last 12 to 20 years. So, all those benefits listed before, when combined with the longevity of asphalt paving, you can see why it’s the best option for a parking lot design or driveway.


There are plenty of options for a parking lot or driveway and now you can see why asphalt paving is not only the popular choice but the best one. You can compare and contrast the different materials for your parking lot design or driveway, but they won’t come close to these reasons to have asphalt paving. Once you choose asphalt for your property, look into how to get the most of it. Our RejuvaShield asphalt rejuvenator not only keeps your asphalt paving looking new for years but also extends the life. That 12 to 20 years becomes quite a bit longer and the maintenance becomes much less costly. Any questions or concerns about having asphalt paving done, reach out to us! Looking forward to seeing that brand new blacktop!

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