You don’t need asphalt repair annually

Having a parking lot means you have to worry about asphalt paving and asphalt repair, probably looking at asphalt repair companies in Boise yearly. It’s an expensive process and an annual cost that never stops but, what if you could cut down on that pesky bill? While it’s true that you’ll always need to keep up maintenance on your driveways and parking lots, it doesn’t have to at the rate you’re doing it. Let’s talk about what yearly asphalt repair actually does and see how we can cut down on those asphalt maintenance costs. 


Driveways and parking lots are meant to be driven on but, you can’t always dictate the weight of the vehicles riding around on it. Asphalt cracking and potholes can be a dangerous nuisance and even if you could control the weight of vehicles, you can’t control the weather. You’re always going to be dealing with potholes and cracking, so you need yearly asphalt repair, right?

Well, of course, you need it fixed. It’s an eyesore, looks bad on your business, and can be a hazard. If your lots are constantly cracking, then you’d need to hire a professional to inspect and figure out why. That’s a cost on top of having the asphalt repair. So, then, how do you avoid what can’t be avoided?


The sun fades and destroys the beauty of fresh asphalt paving. No matter what you do, that sun will keep sucking out the fresh blackness and leave you with an ugly gray lot. The only way around that is regularly repaving, that’s what most people do. But, that also means putting the lot out of commission for a bit, which can hurt business, and having it restriped. While this isn’t an annual cost, it is one that is common enough to budget for regularly. A gray lot isn’t so much a physical hazard as it an eyesore and running a business, you want it to look attractive to customers. A good parking lot design pleases the eye and tends to bring in more traffic. It speaks of newness and a fresh company ready to cater to the public. Having a new looking lot also just communicates good maintenance. So, without repaving the lot every time it goes gray how do you keep it looking brand new?


Pavement repair costs

You know asphalt repair is expensive and necessary, so many put it off as long as they’re able to. Can you blame them? Unless the cracks and potholes have become so bad as to pose a serious risk to vehicles, many businesses leave them around and do a quick patch job. The problem is that those quick fixes only save money in the short-term. It doesn’t solve the problem. When you see cracking, it’s time to start looking for asphalt repair in Boise. The longer you keep patching, the worse and expensive it can be. Most asphalt repair professionals charge between $2800 and $6500, if not more depending on your area. Parking lot maintenance is a necessity and so, you’re obligated to pay somewhere around those amounts, right?

A new way to approach asphalt maintenance

These problems are because of the traditional way we’ve handled asphalt repair and parking lot maintenance. Those days can be over and your budget doesn’t have to suffer from yearly parking lot repair. You may have heard of seal coats but, have you heard of asphalt rejuvenation sealcoats? What RejuvaShield does is penetrate the asphalt and turn back the clock on it. Those problems listed above, all solved by using the asphalt rejuvenation technology we offer. The issue with gray lots and potholes or cracking is partially age. In the lifetime of your parking lot, it has been damaged by cars and the weather, as it ages that damage escalates. RejuvaShield reversers the chemical age of the asphalt and begins to heal it. The other problem, annual costs, kiss those good-bye. RejuvaShield keeps the lot looking fresh and young as well as resistant to weather and vehicle damage for years. That annual cost just became an every 4-year cost. You don’t need annual asphalt repair, you just need to get with the times and turn it back on your parking lot. Take a look around our site and make sure to check out the RejuvaShield key benefits video.

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