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What is RejuvaShield?

RejuvaShield is the world’s leading asphalt rejuvenator. This revolutionary product, made from coal tar, aromatic oils and specialty solvents, revitalizes, seals and protects asphalt pavings, such as airport runways, roads and highways, commercial roadways and parking lots. It’s scientifically designed to ‘reverse’ the aging process of asphalt pavement extending its life-cycle.

RejuvaShield works by penetrating pavement surfaces and restoring the chemical imbalances found in aging asphalt. This process dramatically reduces viscosity and brittleness while increasing ductility and flexibility, making the asphalt less prone to cracking and deterioration.

Unlike old fashioned seal coats, a single application of RejuvaShield penetrates the pavement to rejuvenate and protect the asphalt by replacing the tars and bitumens lost due to oxidation well below the surface. It also seals and protects the pavement against water, sunlight and chemical contaminants, dramatically improving the durability, lifespan and curb appeal of the asphalt.

Proper maintenance is the key to protecting asphalt from the external factors that wear it out. RejuvaShield, applied every three to five years by a certified applicator, has been proven to extend the life of asphalt pavements significantly while reducing life-cycle costs.

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Application Method

RejuvaShield’s emulsion-like form makes it easy to apply.

Application rate

RejuvaShield’s optimal application rate is dependent on pavement design, age and existing pavement condition. A test patch should be completed 24 hours prior to application to determine the optimal rate. In general:

In the eastern hemisphere, where application is figured by weight;

Average rate for roadways: approximately 4-5m²/kg

Average rate for aircraft runways: approximately 3m²/kg

In the western hemisphere, where application is figured by volume;

Average rate for all applications: 3.4 sq meters per liter (15 sq yds per gallon)

Machine application

For applications covering a large surface area, RejuvaShield can be applied with a precision spraying machine such as a DESCO D200. This compact machine contains a computer-controlled flow rate to ensure uniform application of the material. As a point of reference, a DESCO D200 can treat an area of approximately 5,000 – 8,000 m² per hour.

Manual application

For smaller areas, RejuvaShield can also be applied manually using simple roller-brushes. A site area of approximately 50 – 75 m² per hour (per person) can be treated using this method.

Conditions for application

RejuvaShield should be applied to pavements before they begin to show the deleterious signs of age. The surface must be clean and dry with a surface temperature of 10°C(50°F) or above. Depending on weather condition and porosity of the asphalt surface, RefuvaSeal usually takes about 4 to 8 hours to dry.

Technical Data

RejuvaShield meets FAA’s P-632 Specification, Engineering Brief No. 44B and TXDOT specification for sealer / rejuvenators.


  • ASTM D490 Specially Refined Bitumen R12 (35% – 50%)
  • Petroleum Distillate (32% – 42%)
  • Rejuvenator (15% – 40%)

RejuvaShield has the following bituminous material property requirements:

Specific Gravity

Engler Viscosity

% Water by Volume

Softening Point

Distillation % by weight

ASTM D70 / T0603

ASTM D1665 / T0622

ASTM D95 / T0612

ASTM D36 / T0606

ASTM D20 / T0641

1.04 minimum – 1.08 maximum

8.0 maximum

2.0 maximum

65 maximum

To 170°C

To 270°C

To 300°C

< 20

20 – 50

40 – 60


Physical StateLiquid
OdorHydrocarbon Odour (no Nitrogen nor Sulphur Odor)
Odor ThresholdNot Available
Specific Gravity>1.03
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg)Not Available
Vapor Density (AIR = 1)>1
Evaporation RateNot Available
Boiling Point (oC)>133°C
Solubility in Water (%W / W)Negligible
Coefficient of Water Oil1-2%;
Distribution Freezing Point (oC)Not Available
Flashing Point (oC)≥38oC
Molecular WeightNot Available


Hazardous PolymerizationNot Applicable
StabilityKeep away from heat, sparks, open flames.
IncompatibilityIncompatible with strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidizing agents.
Reactivity ConditionsMay ignite if over heated or in the presence of strong oxidizers.
Hazardous Products of DecompositionCarbon Monoxide, Carbon dioxide


Irritancy of materialRefer to route of entry.
Sensitizing Capability of MaterialNone known
Carcinogenicity of MaterialPetroleum fraction includes many naturally occurring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s). Certain species of PAH’s have been implicated in the incidence of skin cancer in test animals, if exposed to large amounts for over a long period.
TeratogenicityNone known
MutagenicityNone known
Reproductive EffectsNone known
Synergistic MaterialsNone known


EnvironmentalNo evidence of contamination
Ectotoxicclogical InformationNot found
BiodegradabilityNot Available


Transport Dangerous Goods Classification3


U.S. Federal RegulationsHazardous Material Identification System Classification Health – 2, Flammability – 2, Reactivity – 0.
International RegulationsNot regulated
State RegulationsNot regulated
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System ClassificationB3, D2A
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ComplianceThis product has been classified in accordance with the hazard criteria of the CPR and the MSDS contains all of the information required by the CPR.


The information and recommendations contained herein are based upon data believed to be correct. However, no guarantee or warranty of any kind expressed or implied is made to the information contained herein.
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"My company has used Scott and his team several times over the last few years. If there has EVER been an issue (RARE) it is corrected quickly. They went above and beyond the last job that they did to ensure it was done correctly. Thanks Guys!"

Sarah Ellis

Park Pointe Management

"Two young men arrived at 8:00 AM as scheduled...cleaned and power blew off dirt, grass and leaves....then hand painted the sealer around edge of large driveway before bringing in their large driveway sealer to spray the main area. They were extremely careful to not let the spray drift off the driveway on to other areas. They even put up a warning barrier at the end of the driveway so as to keep traffic off until it drys. Excellent job and very courteous and helpful."

Chet C.

Boise Homeowner

"BlakRoc Site Services sealed our business lot, and it looks great! Our building looks brand new, as a result, and we will definitely call them for our next seal coat."

Mike Isaacson

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