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BlakRoc Site Services specializes in pavement maintenance & repair solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, retail, and property management projects.

Asphalt Rejuvenation

Asphalt rejuvenation is an effective treatment that restores the chemical properties of your asphalt that deteriorate over time. Unlike asphalt sealers which are primarily water-based, asphalt rejuvenation is made with a blend of coal tar mixed with aromatic oils and solvents. Rejuvenator penetrates below the asphalt surface to refresh and protect it by replacing the key components lost during oxidation. This protects your pavement from future damage caused by air, water, and all of the elements that generally lead to decay, extending the life of your asphalt assets.

Rejuvaseal asphalt rejuvenator

vs. Traditional Water-Based Sealers

  •  Rejuvenation won’t peel, chip, or delaminate
  •  It seals, repairs, and protects the asphalt against contaminants
  •  It helps restore minor surface damage and extends the life of asphalt it moves with the asphalt
  •  It’s oil-based, not water-based, so it blends with the asphalt better than any kind of Seal Coating
  •  It’s applied every 3-5 years, so it lasts longer than traditional Seal Coating
  •  There is no buildup of materials so the smooth finish looks great for years - even after standard use Rejuvenation won’t peel, chip, or delaminate
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Striping and Signs

Assists your visitors in the safe and efficient use of your space resulting in a more problem-free parking lot. At BlakRoc Site Services Asphalt Maintenance we clearly mark parking stalls, handicap-accessible parking spaces, directional arrows, curbs, and crosshatching to optimize customer flow in and out of the parking lot. These markings are often essential for maximizing parking lot space and for safety, along with reducing owner liability by ensuring your compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Blakroc Corp Striping: Pavement Marking

  •  Line Painting
  •  Curb Painting
  •  Handicap Striping
  •  Stencils & Directional Markings


Repairing your asphalt is an essential maintenance procedure since water penetration is the #1 enemy of asphalt. The #1 defense against water intrusion is crack repair. Cracks in asphalt pavement commonly begin at the bottom of the asphalt and work their way to the surface. Once a crack reaches the surface of your asphalt, the increased volume of water able to reach the base can dramatically deteriorate the foundation weakening your pavement and causing "alligatoring" and potholes - which are more costly to repair. That flow of water is greatly reduced by properly sealing the crack. If not repaired, the crack will continue to spread and the pavement will eventually fail. With proper maintenance including seal coating and striping, your asphalt can last much longer.

Key Benefits of Crack Repair

  • Saves you money!
  • Crack sealing is a cost-effective approach and a key component in protecting your asphalt investment
  •  The cost of replacement can be 20-30 times more expensive than a single maintenance procedure
  •  Prolongs the life of your pavement
  •  Factors such as oxidation (weathering), traffic patterns, and environmental hazards (petroleum leaks, etc.) contribute to asphalt cracks and deterioration
  •  Crack Sealing is the most important step you can take to prolong the life of your asphalt
  •  Prevents water penetration
  •  Just as you would seal leaks in the roof of your building, you should seal the cracks in your asphalt pavement
Asphalt crack filling & sealing