Cold Weather & Asphalt: A Not-So-Hot Mix 

If seasonal asphalt maintenance slipped through the cracks–then you might be wondering if your asphalt is doomed.

Well though we like to keep things on the positive side, we’ll be honest, winter can have some pretty gruesome effects on your asphalt. But don’t worry, all is not lost! But before we talk about the next steps let’s take a minute to understand a little more about what happens to your asphalt in the winter time!

What Does Cold Weather Do to Asphalt Pavement?

In freezing weather, asphalt undergoes significant changes that can impact its structural integrity. Asphalt pavement consists of a mix of gravel, sand, and an asphalt binder. When exposed to cold temperatures, especially below freezing, the asphalt binder becomes rigid and more susceptible to cracking. 

If there are existing cracks or weak points in the pavement, water can infiltrate these openings. During freeze-thaw cycles, the water expands as it freezes, exerting pressure on the surrounding asphalt. This repetitive process of freezing and thawing can worsen existing cracks and create new ones, leading to extensive damage. The lack of an asphalt maintenance schedule further exacerbates the problem, as the pavement is not adequately protected against the harsh effects of winter weather. 

Let’s talk about traditional sealcoating versus our oil-based rejuvenation.

Traditional sealcoating in winter? It’s not happening. Traditional sealcoating has to be applied in warmer months, typically May through September, when freezing temperatures are completely off the radar. 

But fear not – there’s a year-round hero in town: RejuvaShield.

Our oil-based rejuvenation product, RejuveShield, isn’t inhibited by the chill. Unlike traditional sealcoating, it can work its magic even in the colder months. So, why wait for the busy season? 

Schedule your rejuvenation now, and give your pavement the TLC it deserves.

Beat the Busy Season!

Better to schedule rejuvenation now than wait for the busy season, and then have to wait some more.

So this is our PSA, don’t procrastinate – beat the crowd and schedule your rejuvenation now. It’s the secret sauce for a pavement that stands strong in the face of winter.

Contact Us for Asphalt Rejuvenation Today!

Spring might be peeking around the corner, but why wait? Trust BlakRoc USA for all your asphalt maintenance needs. Schedule your rejuvenation now, and let your pavement shine, no matter the season.

Contact us today – because “if you don’t hire us, it’s your own asphalt!

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