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Asphalt Rejuvenation

Asphalt rejuvenation is a treatment that restores the chemical properties of your asphalt that deteriorate over time. Unlike topical seal coats which are water-based, rejuvenators are made with a blend of aromatic oils and solvents which rejuvenate the binder in your asphalt making it flexible again.

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How It Works

Rejuvenator penetrates the asphalt surface to refresh and protect by replacing the key components lost during the aging caused by oxidation.

The Result

Your pavement is restored and protected from future damage caused by air, water, and all the elements that generally lead to decay , extending the life of your asphalt assets.

Our Asphalt Rejuventation vs. Traditional Water-Based Sealers

Asphalt Rejuventation

Will never peel, chip, or delaminate

Seals, repairs, and protects the asphalt against contaminants

Restores minor surface damage

Oil-based penetrates the surface of the asphalt to restore chemical imbalances within.

Maintains integrity of asphalt assets for intended purpose.

Applied every 3-5 years

Long-lasting, deep black finish

Traditional Water-Based Sealers

Requires a topical bond leading to chipping, peeling and delamination

Seals the top of asphalt, not addressing underlying issues


Applied every 4 years

Gray finish that quickly deteriorates

Striping And Marking

Assists your visitors in the safe and efficient use of your space resulting in a more problem-free parking lot.

Striping and Signs

We clearly mark parking stalls, handicap-accessible parking spaces, directional arrows, curbs, and crosshatching to optimize customer flow in and out of the parking lot. These markings are often essential for maximizing parking lot space and for safety. along with reducing owner liability by ensuring your compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Pipe Bollar Installation & Removal | Safety Bollard Repair

Bollards are both an important type of physical and visual barrier. They help provide traffic control, protect pedestrians and secure sensitive locations from vehicle intrusion. Bollards are also used to protect traffic and parking signs from vehicle damage.

For over 25 years, commercial property managers have trusted us to install and repair their pipe safety bollards:

• Pipe Bollard Installation
• Pipe Bollard Repair
• Bollard Removal
• Bollard Replacement
• Interior Bollards
• Pipe Barriers

• Protective Bollards
• Exterior Bollards
• Parking Lot Bollards
• Traffic Bollards
• Warehouse Bollards
• Fuel Island Bollards

Steel pipe bollards are available in a few different sizes, depending on the intended application (6" and 4" are common sizes). They can be painted or have long lasting vinyl covers available in several different colors to match your facility.

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Pavement Marking

Line Painting

Curb Painting

ADA Compliance

Stencils & Directional Markings


Everyone knows the importance of a customer's first impression, we will keep your parking lot presentable with our professional power sweep service.

Construction Sites
Parking Lots And Hardscapes

Crack Repair

Crack Down On Cracks

Filling your cracks on a yearly basis is the recommended maintenance schedule and will lower your total cost of ownership. The flow of water, which is detrimental to your asphalt, is greatly reduced by properly sealing the crack. If not repaired, the crack will continue to spread and the pavement will eventually fail.

Key Benefits of Crack Repair

Saves You Money

Protects Your Asphalt Investment

Prolongs the Life of Your Pavement

Commercial Concrete Repair & Patching

Even the toughest concrete will eventually deteriorate. The natural elements, moisture, and temperature changes can cause concrete to crack, pit, and scale, making concrete repair and maintenance a necessity.

Whether it is sidewalk, curning and drainage, or larger surfaces, BlakRoc's team of experts have the experience to repair unsightly concrete damage with lasting results.

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