Traditional Sealcoating: A Superficial Solution with MAJOR Issues 

If you’re a property owner, you’re likely looking for ways to maintain your asphalt surfaces and make them last longer. 

Traditional sealcoating may seem like a simple and quick fix to protect your asphalt, but beware – it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. In this blog post, we’re here to spill the tea on traditional sealcoating and the major issues it can cause.

The Water Problem:

Traditional sealcoating products are usually water-based, which sounds great in theory, right? Wrong. Water is asphalt’s enemy, and slathering it with a water-based sealcoat might actually make things worse. Instead of protecting your asphalt, it could end up causing long-term damage.

Aesthetic Letdown:

So you want that sleek black look for your asphalt? Well, traditional sealcoating might not deliver. Despite promises of a fresh appearance, it often falls short. Your asphalt may end up looking dull instead of the rich black you were hoping for. Don’t be fooled by false promises.

Surface-Level Defense:

Traditional sealcoating claims to protect your asphalt from all the elements, from water to UV rays to chemicals. But the protection it offers is superficial at best. It just sits on the surface, barely scratching the asphalt’s surface when it comes to dealing with heavy weather and traffic.

Short-Term Bliss, Long-Term Regret:

Traditional sealcoating is often marketed as a maintenance hack to extend the life of your asphalt. However, the benefits it offers don’t last very long. The thin protection wears off quickly, leaving you needing frequent reapplication. Not only does this cost more but also raises environmental concerns with disposing of used materials. 

Think Twice:

Traditional sealcoating may seem like an easy solution to protect your asphalt surfaces, but beware of the issues it can cause. From water problems to aesthetic letdowns, superficial defense, and short-term benefits, traditional sealcoating is not a great option for property owners looking for long-lasting and effective protection for their asphalt. 

Before deciding to go the traditional sealcoating route, consider alternative solutions that offer better protection and value for your money. Check out our asphalt rejuvenation service – the ultimate maintenance solution for your asphalt.

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