5 Reasons to clean your asphalt

Parking lot maintenance and asphalt cleaning can do a lot to stave off pavement repair and cut down on spending time looking for an asphalt repair company. It’s easy and helps to keep your asphalt looking like new as well as keeps it healthier longer. In fact, many people choose asphalt paving because it’s easier to care for and clean than concrete or cement lots. While there are professional asphalt cleaners with specialized equipment, there are things you can do to keep your parking lot or driveway looking like new longer.

Here are five reasons that you should clean your asphalt, with or without professional services.


Regular cleaning does a lot for parking lot maintenance and helps to prevent damage that could lead to potholes and cracks. Removing things like rocks, leaves, and general debris cuts down on oxidation. You want to slow the oxidation process as long as you can as that is what can greatly increase asphalt failure and the need for significant asphalt repair. A good tough-bristle broom around the lot to sweep up debris and a general rinse to wash away chemicals left from exhaust considerably lowers the chance for cracking and potholes.


Asphalt is porous and that naturally helps with drainage, but letting debris and chemicals mount in the parking lot clogs it up. With drainage blocked you’ll see a notable increase in the need for parking lot repair and soon be searching for an asphalt repair Boise company, needlessly at that. This is easily solved with hosing down and sweeping your lot every so often, even if you have a specialized professional come in for a deeper clean. Better to take some time out of your week and perform some basic parking lot maintenance than pay for asphalt paving more and more often. 


Not only can people slip and fall over debris and slick exhaust puddles, but cracks and potholes do a lot of damage to cars. Customers probably won’t be coming in too often if they know their car isn’t safe or that they have to watch where they walk. Another thing is that the parking lot stripes can fade or be hidden by excess dirt, leading to accidents or people getting hit. Striping is there to protect everyone and so, some regular sweeping and power washing improves everyone’s safety. Whether you or an employee perform it, parking lot maintenance is a safety issue that needs to be taken care of.


No one really looks at something till a problem arises and that can be an expensive issue for your parking lot. It’s better to notice a small problem before you have to spend buckets of cash on parking lot repair. Going around with a tough-bristle broom and power washing your parking lot gives you the chance to see if any cracking or potholes are developing. It’s a chance to inspect the health of your asphalt and avoid searching online for an asphalt repair Boise company. Eventually, you’ll need to hire them, but it doesn’t have to every year. Take a gander at your parking lot and prevent unnecessary parking lot repair. 


Parking lot asphalt cleaning & maintenance

A clean appearance looks better to customers and regular parking lot maintenance certainly achieves that. When a property looks cared for and invested in, it communicates professionalism to those who come through your door. Also, we know that a fresh looking asphalt with its natural blackness just hits the eye better and regular parking lot cleaning keeps your asphalt blacker longer.


While you will need to hire a Boise asphalt repair company eventually, it doesn’t need to be too often and with regular parking lot maintenance you can stave off that cost for years. Whether you hire a professional cleaning service, have an employee clean the lot, or do it yourself, you can see why hosing down and sweeping around is incredibly important for your asphalt. Keep the lot clean, save money, and look good to customers.

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