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Asphalt damage and prevention

5 Causes of Asphalt Damage: Identifying and Preventing Issues

A typical asphalt pavement might last 12-15 years without maintenance. As soon as asphalt is laid down, it’s exposed to conditions that immediately begin to degrade the pavement. Understanding the causes of asphalt damage and identifying when it’s taking place will help you prioritize what asphalt repair and maintenance tasks need to be done immediately […]

Asphalt repair companies near me reviews

5 Questions to ask an asphalt maintenance company

Googling for an asphalt company near me can be an exhausting and tedious exercise. You’ll no doubt find an unending list with each site promising that it’s the top-notch asphalt repair company and a lot of sales pitch chatter. So, how do you separate a good sales pitch from a competent and reliable asphalt repair […]

Regular asphalt maintenance repair

You don’t need asphalt repair annually

Having a parking lot means you have to worry about asphalt paving and asphalt repair, probably looking at asphalt repair companies in Boise yearly. It’s an expensive process and an annual cost that never stops but, what if you could cut down on that pesky bill? While it’s true that you’ll always need to keep […]

Paved parking lot pros and cons

5 reasons to have an asphalt parking lot

Not everyone uses asphalt in their parking lot design and that is a bit of a headscratcher. If you don’t have an asphalt parking lot and are looking to improve your home or business’s property, consider upping your game with asphalt paving. Rather than being pigeon-holed by the initial cost, look to the future and […]

Asphalt pavement cleaning

5 Reasons to clean your asphalt

Parking lot maintenance and asphalt cleaning can do a lot to stave off pavement repair and cut down on spending time looking for an asphalt repair company. It’s easy and helps to keep your asphalt looking like new as well as keeps it healthier longer. In fact, many people choose asphalt paving because it’s easier […]